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Preventaloss is a company offering full and comprehensive loss adjusting, assessing and claims related service to the insurance industry.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have qualified and experienced loss adjusters and assessors on staff.
  • We have qualified and experienced investigators on staff.
  • Preventaloss offers specialized and professional investigation services.

What We Offer

Loss Adjusting

Commercial and Domestic policy lines including

Burglary, Theft, Armed robbery and Building (Plumbing, Special perils, Subsidence and landslip)


Motor vehicle claims

Accident related damage

Investigations Services

Motor vehicle accidents and Theft of motor vehicles

Specialist Investigations Services

Fraud (including commercial fraud), Fire Investigations / Arson, Fraud or theft in the workplace and Lie detection tests to assist with internal investigations

Preventaloss Blog

  • 04 March 2019 | 09 March 2019 |

  • 9 March at 11:05

    Time erodes awareness of…

    This timeless directional saying elucidates the current situation with brokers in the insurance fraternity. What is the responsibility of your insurer, your broker, the assessor / loss adjuster before you have a claim, when you have a claim and after the claim? This is however a complicated and extensive subject that I will illuminate in several blogs to enlighten our readers. Yes, short term insurance is in the current date, age and environment a complexed subject. There are so many twigs to this subject that it is difficult to keep track. However I will keep it simple and away from the small print to enlighten you, the reader on your best resolve in understanding insurance. Due to the current competitiveness of the short term insurance environment you the client can “hop, skip and jump” from insurer to insurer. This is good news for the short term for you, bad news for the insurers and a lot of stress on the brokers. My personal view is that brokers are a necessary nuisance in the process facilitation the operation between insurer and the client the insured, you. The reason for my comment is probably more relating from my experience with them during my operational activity as Loss Adjuster than my personal dealings with them professionally and or with friends in the profession. Professionally I think they are “assholes”, well 50% of them, but personally I would want my broker to be one in the right manner, furthering not only my claim but also my policy or contract with the insurer. The value of a good broker or intermediary as they are known must not be under estimated. When the broker is not only looking after his own pocket and just collecting money from your policy on a monthly basis, he / she can really add value to your insurance experiences.

    To be continued…


    04 March 2019

    Please watch this space for our blog. Here we will hear from Leon about Preventaloss and some interesting information and views on the insurance industries.

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